Advanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy: CBT for Your Most Challenging Clients


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Dr. Donald Meichenbaum is one of the founders of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and was voted one of the 10 most influential psychotherapists of the 20th century. He recently received a Life-time Achievement Award from the Clinical Division of the American Psychological Association for his work on suicide prevention.

In this advanced CBT seminar recording, Dr. Meichenbaum, will discuss a critical analysis of the controversies concerning the effectiveness of psychotherapy (evidence-based versus relationship-focused interventions). He will propose a resolution by demonstrating how to implement the Core Tasks of Psychotherapy or what expert therapists do. Dr. Meichenbaum will highlight the critical role that a Case Conceptualization Model plays in forming assessment and treatment decision-making, especially when conducting risk assessment of suicidality and aggressive behavior.

You will learn how to implement integrative treatments with challenging clients who have and comorbid disorders such as PTSD, substance abuse, Borderline Personality Disorders, depression/suicidality and anger/aggressive behaviors. Learn effective skills to engage clients, anticipate and address treatment non-adherence and increase the likelihood of treatment success. Detailed Handouts and video case demonstrations of specific treatment procedures will be used throughout the workshop. A "TO DO" list will be provided of ways clinicians can increase their psychotherapeutic expertise.

* Discuss the controversies and state of the art of psychotherapy effectiveness: A possible resolution
* Implement the Core Tasks of Psychotherapy: What Expert Therapists Do
* Utilize a Case Conceptualization Model that informs assessment and treatment decision-making
* Conduct risk assessment with suicidal and aggressive patients
* Explain an integrative, evidence-based treatment for clients with comorbid psychiatric disorders, such as PTSD, substance abuse and Borderline personality disorders
* Describe techniques to treat trauma victims and bolster resilience
* Integrate spirituality and psychotherapy for more effective treatment
* Increase client engagement, address treatment adherence and increase the likelihood of treatment success

* Clinical Applications and Advanced CBT Strategies
* Core Clinical Skills for Advanced Treatment
* Advanced CBT Skills to Treat Clients

Continuing Education Credits are available for the following professions:
* Counselors
* Social Workers
* Psychologists
* Marriage & Family Therapists
* Addiction Counselors
* Nurses/Nurse Practitioners/Clinical Nurse Specialists