Advanced Skills for Youth Football – Coaches Package by Coach Mark Watson


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The coach's pack is a comprehensive package of all 9 DVD instructional videos for each major position in competitive youth football. You will find specific instruction and drills for Quarterback I & II, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Linebacker, Offensive Line, Defensive Back and Kicking. Each DVD contains position specific drills, patterns, footwork and other valuable skills to maximize the player's effectiveness. With expert coaching from Coach Mark Watson, this instructional Coach's DVD Pack gives coaches the tools to teach players a competitive edge, making it easier than ever to quickly and effectively master the techniques and skills that youth players need to excel. You won't see chalk board drills; you will see real examples with instruction on the field! Coach Mark Watson is well known by NFL coaches. Norv Turner, Head Coach of the San Diego Chargers said, "No one has more passion for preparing kids to play football like Mark Watson." Marvin Lewis, Head Coach Cincinnati Bengals said, "Mark has prepared many youth for the NFL and no doubt brings a level of professionalism and passion like few others before him." See for yourself how Coach Mark Watson is raising the bar for youth football instructional videos.