All About Animals – Special Animal Secrets [VHS]


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This is a delightful video that reveals some fun and surprising secrets of wild and exotic animals. The All About Animals series was especially developed for the preschool viewer. Each video has been reviewed by child development specialists, resulting in fun, high-quality introductions to the world of animals. There are four creatures that act as guides throughout this video. The first ones we meet are Bobby Bushbaby, Sunny Honeypossum, and Balzac the Chameleon, realistic puppets involved in a rousing game of Simon says. Throughout the video they offer interesting facts about each other. The other guide is an animated flamingo called Francisco Flamingo, a fast-talking fellow who introduces the viewer to some amazing and unusual animals on land and in the sea. You will learn how zebras can tell each other apart, how chameleons change color to outwit their enemies, and how sea slugs eat. These segments are beautifully photographed and informative. Also included are upbeat sing-along songs "Every Creature's Special" and "Alphabet Rock." Parents can feel good knowing that they are offering their children a wonderful opportunity to discover nature and learn to respect animals. (Ages 2 to 5) --Peggy Maltby-Etra