Biblical Hebrew: Learning a Sacred Language


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The Hebrew Bible has been translated many times-but by learning to read it in its original language, you can reach your own conclusions about what it really means. You can also enhance your appreciation of its un-translatable literary artistry, and gain new understanding of the roots of the three great Abrahamic traditions. These 36 lessons on Biblical Hebrew are your authoritative primer on everything from the Hebrew alphabet and punctuation marks to essential vocabulary words to advanced grammatical rules. Whether you're just starting out in your study of Hebrew or you already know the basics, these lectures are a helpful resource that will equip you to read the Bible in its original language on your own. Using a methodical, holistic approach, Professor Carasik covers all the fundamentals of the language in a cumulative learning experience that rewards following the lectures in order, so that as you progress, your understanding of Biblical Hebrew not only broadens but deepens. As you go, you'll exercise your knowledge through "Biblical Hebrew calisthenics": close readings of lines, passages, and eventually an entire chapter from the Bible in Hebrew. These lessons are designed to be your companion wherever your explorations of Biblical Hebrew and the Bible may take you. Whether your interests are linguistic, literary, religious, or historical, they are lessons you can-and should-return to again and again.