Black Atlantic: On the Orixas Route – Educational Version with Public Performance Rights


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The waters of the Atlantic brought the slaves from Africa to Brazil, their bodies in chains but their souls inexorably tied to mother Africa. This Brazilian- made film takes us to both shores, to show how spiritual life, dance and song came with the captive people and took root in the new soil. Among the many traditions were the language and gods of Yoruba and Jejes from the Republic of Benin.

When a group of freed slaves returned to Africa to rediscover their roots they were looked upon as outsiders. They became tradespeople - tailors, accountants and builders- and they actually brought Portuguese culture to Africa. Today, when Brazilians revisit Africa, they teach the Africans the culture that these descendants of slaves keep alive in Brazil. The documentary is a testimony to some of the ironies of the diaspora.

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