Blacksmith Super Saver DVD Library (9 DVD Blacksmithing Set)


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This exceptional 9 DVD set, which provides over 13 hours of top-notch instruction from some of the world's most noted smiths, covers everything from the best method of using a hammer to safeguard your muscles and tendons, to power hammer techniques, making anvil tools, joinery techniques, and on to creative artistic blacksmithing projects using chasing and repousse.

The library includes: Free Form Forging with Uri Hofi, 100 min: An indispensable guide for the professional blacksmith. The great Uri Hofi explains the ergonomics of good hammer design, how to use the hammer to maximize the energy delivered to the material with the minimum effort, and how proper form prevents damage to muscles and tendons. Forging Solutions: Hand Hammer Techniques, 100 m: Watch the exceptional instructor, Amit Har-lev, explain and demonstrate basic hand forging techniques. Forging Solutions: Power Hammer Techniques, 100 m: Basic power hammer forging techniques are clearly explained and demonstrated. Tools and Techniques, 144 m: In this unique 2 DVD set Amit Har-lev demonstrates the making of anvil tools and the techniques of using them; Hardy, Fuller, Bending Fork, Cone Mandrel, Dish swage. On DVD 2, a shelf stake. Copper Rose: Forging Solutions, 60 m: Step-by-step instruction from blank size to finishing. Bonus on toolmaking, the chisel, a forged gouge (used in making the rose). Joinery Techniques, 80 m: Step-by-step joinery techniques using hand and power techniques. Riveting, wrapping, wedging and much more. Repousse, 50 m: Techniques using forms to create designs in a negative space. Forming copper and steel to make large repousse' wall decorations in the metals studio. Lessons include: Sun/Earth form. Creating a Logo. Power Repousse, 75 m: covers creating large and small copper bowls, leaf forms, a picket, and more...! Power Repousse & Chasing, 87 m: Creating an abstract human face using hand-held air hammers.