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CHAOS is a rousing and daring tale combining aspects of pulse-pounding melodrama with loopy battle-of-the-sexes comedy. Helene and Paul, a bourgeois couple, are rushing to a dinner engagement when they see Malika, a young prostitute being chased by three men. As the thugs attack the woman, Paul immediately rolls up the windows and speeds off. Full of remorse, Helene tracks down Malika in the hospital. As Helene nurses Malika through her recovery, she realizes that her life has been changed forever. She can never return to her selfish husband and son.

Malika tells Helene a shocking story. She ran away from her family after her father sold her to an Algerian businessman. Homeless, living on the streets, she was turned into a sex slave by a vicious criminal organization. In the tense final act, Helene joins forces with Malika in an elaborate and daring scheme to double–cross her pimps and get both her freedom and her revenge.