Creating and Protecting the Shared Foundation of a Professional Learning Community at Work(TM) (Video Workshop for School Leadership)


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Using the four pillars mission, vision, values, and goals essential to implement and sustain a successful professional learning community, this video workshop outlines the importance of aligning school practices, policies, and procedures with a common, shared foundation. K 12 leaders and administrators can view the video as a standalone or use it with the facilitator guide to create two half-day or one full-day PLC workshop for teaching teams.


  • HIGH-QUALITY FOOTAGE OF ROLE-PLAY depicting how a teaching team works together in a professional learning community
  • ADVICE ON ADDRESSING RESISTANCE TO CHANGE and coming to a satisfactory resolution by implementing PLC principles
  • In-depth exploration of the four pillars that provide a solid foundation for implementing a professional learning community
  • Role-play activities to implement the four pillars effectively in your school or district
  • Tools to engage the entire teaching staff in establishing a strong PLC foundation
  • A facilitator guide with tailored activities and strategies to reinforce participants knowledge of the professional learning community
  • A CD with an electronic facilitator s guide for ease of use

Workshop Components
1. Welcome and Opening
2. The Mission Pillar
3. The Vision Pillar
4. The Values Pillar (Collective Commitments)
5. The Goals Pillar
6. Clarifying Your Current Reality Pertaining to the PLC Foundation
7. Aligning Practices and Processes with the PLC Foundation
8. Addressing Discrepancies between Actual Practice and the Pledges of the Foundation and Closing