Crossroads Café: Changing the Way the World Learns English


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Crossroads Café is an award-winning television and print series for learning English as a Second Language (ESL/ESOL) that combines 26 half-hour dramas with multi-level print materials to meet the needs of adult ESL learners, in the classroom or at a distance. The series revolves around a warm, friendly café in the city where the lives of six likable characters come together. Two video sidebars are included in each episode. Culture Clips is a documentary-style segment that takes a close-up look at the social and cultural issues taking place in the story. Word Play is an animated segment that demonstrates a specific way that English is used in the episode. Crossroads Café was developed as part of a unique collaboration between the State Education Agencies of California, Florida, Illinois and New York; Intelecom Learning; the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service; Heinle & Heinle Publishers; and the United States Information Agency. Together these agencies representing the public and private sectors have created a superior video learning series to address the common problem of exploding demand for English language instruction.