Daddy’s Dyin’… Who’s Got the Will?


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They wanted Daddy's loveÂ...but they'll settle for his dough! A "terrific cast" (Leonard Maltin) – including Beau Bridges, Beverly D'Angelo, Tess Harper and Judge Reinhold – star in this wickedly funny comedy of heirs about a Texas family who gather to mourn – and perhaps to mine – the memory of their dear ole dad. Scheming Orville (Bridges), nympho Evalita (D'Angelo), loyal Sara Lee (Harper) and self-righteous Lurlene (Amy Wright) are all very frantic when they learn that their daddy's dyin'Â...mostly because they can't find his last legal will and testament! But as old grudges and suppressed desires are aired, this family reunion becomes a wild free-for-all – and a "touching, unpredictable [and] affectionate drama" (San Francisco Chronicle)!