Daily Planet: Transportation Super Pack


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This series includes 9 DVDs: Rescue Vehicles We shed light on some spectacular modes of rescue. From air ambulances to search and rescue, check out the ways technology is helping save our lives. Vehicles Put the pedal to the metal in searching for the most unique and high-tech vehicles in the world. Plus, we explore the technological advances in the world of motoring, from smart roads to pre-fabricated bridges Ships Hop on board and learn about the inner workings of ships, boats, and all that float on water. Check out speed-sailing in Denmark and the worlds biggest ship propeller. Eco Mobiles Explore environmentally friendly modes of transport. Can a drag race be ecological? Can a jet be green? Start your engines and find out how eco-friendly energy can break all pre-conceptions of performance in sustainable energy. Fighter Jets Fly in the face of convention. We take a look at the Harrier jet, as well as Canadas historic contribution to the world of jet flight, the Avro Arrow. Planes: Beyond the Limits Visit the world of airplanes. We look at a supersized eye hospital with wings, and the Falcon 7X, a $40 million business jet. The Safest Cars Take a ride in this exploration devoted to cars. We look at driverless cars, armored cars, teen drivers, and much more. Extreme Vehicles Investigate some of the coolest cars, bikes, airplanes and airships out there today. The Future of the Car Discover the mind-blowing future of cars. Pioneering technology includes lawnmower racing, an experimental vehicle that can measure data on the driver, and much more.