Darker Than Black (Blu-Ray)


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Description: Inviolability of the mysterious region that appeared suddenly in Tokyo "Hell Gate (Hell's Gate)". At the same time Those who have special abilities called now been confirmed in the world, and an "agreement." Shall wait at the end of the battle over the future of the contract ... the secret of the gate. Title Popular Tensai Okamura BONES × emits is into the long-awaited Blu-ray BOX! BD version that appeared in the quality overall picture quality plus an adjustment to HD master of the time. In addition to all 25 story was broadcast system at MBS · TBS in 2007, also included the first 26 episodes were premiered at DVD. In addition, including a sound recording into CD not even * 5.1ch edition collection by Yoko Kanno play companion! * It is recorded as a picture disc of bonus content) Blu-ray Disc / MPEG4 AVC / Linear PCM Dolby TrueHD 5 DVD Set Inclusion / 40P booklet ** BOX specification digital three-way jacket back [Limited] It was ** reconfigure the booklet included with the limited edition DVD.