Devi-Women: Protective Training by and For Women


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Self Defense Reinvented... Devi Protective Offense is a new kind of self defense system built from the ground up by and for women, to account for women-specific issues like clothing, physical strength, pregnancy and children. The Devi-Women DVD is the first of it's kind. The hour long video teaches you how to stay off the criminal radar in understandable terms. Your mind can be trained the same way your body can. With exercise and repetition. Training your mind to question itself and its methods, to examine its environment, requires practice. This training applies to every aspect of life, not just the bad stuff. You ll be aware of tools you can use in daily interactions with people and any type of emergency, floods, fires, even auto breakdowns. Though they fit many purposes, these lessons focus primarily on how to keep yourself and your family off the criminal radar, with an emphasis on the specific issues that make Moms of infants and toddlers more vulnerable to violent crime. Can so much be accomplished with a DVD? Keep in mind that the goal is not to become a lethal warrior but to become an UNACCEPTABLE TARGET and the master of your own life. These lessons aren't meant to make you more fearful. It may seem that way because in order to learn how to be safer we first have to know more about the danger. Remember the old adage, what you don t know won t hurt you. That saying may have been created by cheating spouses, but when it comes to violence, it s dead wrong. Ignorance is not bliss, except for the predators who like their food slow and oblivious. Protective Offense is the study of dealing with adversity, of high-speed problem solving, of projecting and reaching goals. It is the study of survival, awareness and perseverance, of dynamic rather than passive living.