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Gamba came to the port town of rats glance to see the ocean, the island of murine tutors met in danger of being wiped out by the hometown curse of outrageous cruelty ferret, rat harbor became friends with his journey beat the curse. Atsuo Saito fiction children's literature, "Friends of Five Animals Gamba and ten adventurers who" on the adaptation of "Tomorrow's Joe," "homeless child" worked all the immortal TV Animation adventure Dezaki hotel names such as supervision 26 episodes or a DVD-BOX. At the heart but play adventure and friendship of our rats quirky been deformed cute, drama sometimes also has to show the deployment pretty hard, but a wild rough also including increasing the feeling aggressive, the other so-called Animation Art and literature has become an attractive and set apart. Now fully recovered but underwent a first aired 30 years to, well not felt such an atom is old, now in animation and a sense of scale but rather are directed not to leave are being overwhelmed. Also unforgettable performances from actors Masako Nozawa.