Esalen Massage


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The Esalen Massage DVD offers hands-on instruction from the professional bodywork and massage therapists, on-site at the Esalen Institute. Known worldwide, Esalen massage is a unique, holistic style of bodywork which focuses on the whole person. In this easy-to-use instructional program, you'll be able to simultaneously view the video while giving an Esalen massage to your husband, wife, friend or lover. Shot entirely on location at the acclaimed Esalen Institute,this instructional program is used by over 50 massage schools. 1. Combines elements of Swedish, deep-tissue and many other modalities 2. Up-close video footage features 19 members of the acclaimed Esalen Massage crew. Includes both hands-on demonstrations of massage and bodywork techniques and audio interviews. 3. Recaps, reviews and personal explanations shed light on what has made Esalen® certified massage well-known and respected as a unique modality worldwide. 4. This DVD offers the original, 75 minute full-length program with 12 chapters to enable you to go quickly to your favorite part along with two NEW shorter programs 5. The DVD offers a choice of three languages: English, German and Spanish. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN • How to give a complete, full-body session from head to toe • How to prepare your space and address any special concerns • How to establish rapport as well as "sense" your partner's breathing and notice other physical and non-physical cues • How to integrate the various elements and massage techniques • Which elements are common to any Esalen massage • How to "grow" in sensitivity and awareness as you give or receive massage