Exeter Anthology of Old English Poetry (The Exeter DVD)


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Commonly referred to as The Exeter Book, this important anthology is the earliest and largest surviving book of vernacular poetry from Anglo-Saxon England. This edition on DVD will be an invaluable historical and literary acquisition for libraries and an indispensable reference work for medievalists and other scholars.
The DVD contains the revised second edition of The Exeter Anthology of Old English Poetry linked to a full-colour digital facsimile and images of various other related historical documents. Also included is a new codicological report on the manuscript’s current binding. The images used are of an extremely high resolution; they often provide more information than is available from a physical examination of the manuscript itself.
The DVD is also available as a special package with a copy of the revised two-volume second edition in hardback (ISBN 9780859896306).
This edition includes many newly-discovered alterations to the poetic texts in addition to the four hundred new readings listed in the first edition. The Bibliography and Commentary have also been updated.