Four DVD Set: How to Coach Your Employees, Peers & Supervisor


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This powerful four DVD set is titled "How to Coach Your Employees, Peers & Supervisor." There is a huge difference between training and coaching, so this three hour session will teach you the technical process of personal coaching. Coaching is a gentler form of communication that will get employees to do the things you have been asking them to do (especially generation "Y") and help them gain respect for you in the process. Coaching is about self discovery and allowing employees to come up with their own answers to questions and solutions to problems. A great leader does not have all the answers, instead, they have great questions and that is what coaching is all about. Coaching can increase employee productivity by as much as 300%, so the coaching process is very powerful and needs to be learned. This seminar is targeted to anyone, from any industry, who supervises people from the CEO down to the front line or personal coaches.