Guidance Systems: Elementary Health and Confidence 4 Pack


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Guidance Systems videos present real-life vignettes that students can identify with to develop an understanding of the consequences, emotions and age-appropriate solutions related to each topic. Each Guidance System program includes a DVD along with an extensive workbook to facilitate classroom discussion, and can serve as a supplement to any guidance curriculum.

Say No With Pride
Youngsters will understand that to feel comfortable and safe sometimes means saying no. This program teaches that when you do, you ll feel better this is called pride. By the end, students will be taught ways to say no with confidence and stand proud.

Rumors, Gossip, and Teasing: It Hurts
This program explains and provides coping mechanisms to fight against rumors, gossiping, and teasing. Young students are taught that teasing and taunting can cause anger, but there are healthy ways to defuse the anger and avoid people who harass. Students are also taught that if you see others being bullied and picked on, you should say something to stop it, because it hurts.

Sexual Abuse: It's Not Your Fault
Identify what sexual harassment is, how to handle this serious issue, and how to establish available age-appropriate solutions at an elementary level.

Your Body, Your Health and Drugs
Presented as an early education drug prevention and health program, young viewers will understand the connection between respecting their bodies and rejecting drugs. Topics include medicines, nicotine, alcohol and marijuana.