ICD-10 and CDI – Getting It Right for All the Right Reasons


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Documentation of Clinical Information for ICD-10 needs to be done carefully.

As a medical professional, you must be aware that Physicians will be judged on documentation more critically in ICD-10. How to accurately document clinical information is crucial to assigning ICD-10-CM codes at the highest level of specificity and decrease the chances of a negative finding during an audit.

This DVD by expert speaker Dreama Sloan-kelly will provide you guidance on how to smartly and accurately document for ICD-10 codes. Know how to use commonly billed ICD-10 codes to guide the provider on what needs to be documented.

Session Highlights:

What is CDI-how does it affect us?
Why is documentation so important?
Various documentation challenges that providers face with ICD-10
Main documentation areas for ICD-10
How to improve clinical documentation in the wake of ICD-10
Tips on how to communicate with providers-the importance of improved clinical documentation
Insights on recurring concepts in ICD-10


Dreama Sloan-Kelly, MD, CCS has over 14 years of experience in the medical field. A graduate of Wellesley College and Tufts University School of Medicine she has a varied background including clinical, billing, and coding. Dr. Sloan-Kelly is President/CEO of Kelly, Sloan, and Associates, LLC and speaks at various seminars and webinars, imparting her knowledge in an upbeat, matter of fact, manner.