ICD-10-CM for Cardiology


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Get Accurate and Authoritative Guidance on ICD-10 Coding and Documentation for Your Cardiology Practice!

Are you sure you are ready for ICD-10? As we are approaching the implementation date for ICD-10 transition, you will need to gear up on your know how of these new cardiology codes.

Join Cardiology coding expert Terry Fletcher, BS, CPC, CCC, CEMC, SCP-CA, ACS-CA, CCS-P, CCS, CMSCS, CMC, to get a review of specific Cardiology ICD-9-CM examples cross-walked to ICD-10-CM, overview of specific terminology with ICD-10-CM Official Guidelines for reporting, and new ICD-10-CM options for "Borderline" Diagnoses.

Session Highlights:

Review of conditions that are new or that were not uniquely identified in ICD-9-CM and have been assigned code numbers in ICD-10-CM.

Review of codes for post-operative complications that have been expanded.

The importance of physician documentation.

Documentation examples as learning tools.

ICD-10-CM impact on your practice.


Terry Fletcher is a Specialty Coding Industry Expert , Auditor and Educator based in Laguna Beach, California, with over 25 years experience. Terry is a past member of the National Advisory Board for AAPC. Ms. Fletcher is the Technical Editor for the Cardiology Coder's Pink sheetfor Decision Health, Editorial Advisor for Cardiology Coding Alert! for The Coding Institute.