Imago Couples Therapy: Proven Strategies for Helping Couples Connect, Heal, & Grow


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Imago is a Couple s Therapy that helps married/committed partners use their relationship to help each other co-heal childhood wounds and grow into their full potential. Here are just a few of many pertinent relationship issues that Harville will address:
-Why do we fall in love with the people that we do?
-What core issues do all couples face?
-How do you transform destructive conflict into creative tension?
-How do you work with the difficult couple?
-Is it ever too late to save a marriage?
-How do you help couples move from ineffective communicating to deep dialogue and restore connection and wholeness?

This seminar recording will introduce the basic theory and therapeutic processes of Imago Relationship Therapy and demonstrate its application to conflicted couples in committed partnerships. Attention will also be given to the implications of the relational paradigm for all forms of therapy.

-Describe the key difference between the relationship paradigm and the individual paradigm
-Demonstrate the Imago Dialogue Process
-Describe the difference between the role of an Imago therapist and a traditional therapist
-Discuss the concept of the Imago and the role it plays in partner selection
-Explain the outcomes of Dialogue
-Reframe the Power Struggle as growth trying to happen

-Imago Relationship Therapy
-Unconscious Journey
-Conscious Journey
-The Goal of Therapy
-Imago Dialogue
-Imago Workup (Written) Theory and Therapy of Couplehood
-The Formation of the Imago & The Selection Process
-Imago Dialogue
-Demonstration & Practice
-Your Role