Inside Story: Kids Behind Bars


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15 year old Bobby Sheets received 38 years in prison for his role in a brutal double murder. Damico Watkins, 16, was a lookout for a robbery where no one was hurt. He was sentenced to 5 to 25 years in the same prison as Sheets; one year later, he was killed by a gang of inmates. As more and more youths commit serious crimes, the real victims may be kids like Damico, trapped by a justice system that increasingly sends kids up for "hard time" in adult prisons. Investigate the sweeping changes in juvenile justice to see what can be done with this troubled system. Judges, police and corrections officers detail the changes that send more adolescents to "real" jails, and explore the cases where this has led to tragedy. Go behind bars to meet criminal kids, including Bobby Sheets, and hear from leading criminologists of the dangers inherent in the new system. Will kids doing "adult" time for "adult" crimes learn the error of their ways? Or will they come out harder than when they went in, if they come out at all?