Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Surveillance


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From the back cover: Surveillance is what separates a real investigator from the amateurs and wanna-be's. These are some of the best kept secrets in the industry. Don't even try surveillance until you watch The Investigator's Ultimate Guide to Surveillance. Private Investigator Larry Kaye, with thousands of hours of surveillance experience, reveals here... What lane you should REALY be in when following someone on the highway. What to do when you lose the subject. Actual case video examples. Four ways to handle red lights while on surveillance. How to crack a PO box or Private Mail Box with a broom. How far to be from your subject's house (get this wrong and your surveillance is over before it even begins). Two magic words that almost turn off a cop's brain and make him walk away from you when you're on surveillance without making him your enemy! Why shaving cream should be part of your pre-surveillance routine (Hint: It has nothing to do with shaving). Should you be armed when working surveillance? (This controversial answer may surprise you!) What to wear under your street clothes while on surveillance. What type of car NOT to use on surveillance (And WHY!) The truth about using surveillance reports to get more business. Two ways to get the real-world practice you need to build your skills.