Jeeves & Wooster: The Once & Future Ex [VHS]


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Stephen Fry (Wilde, A Fish Called Wanda) and Hugh Laurie (Sense & Sensibility, Strapless) return to their celebrated roles as the peerless "gentleman’s gentleman" Jeeves and his well-meaning but dim master, Bertie Wooster. This collection features the six final episodes from the ever-popular series, never before available on video. A black cloud looms over Manhattan in the shape of Bertie’s former fiancee, the Lady Florence Craye. Though she is newly engaged to Stilton Cheesewright, Bertie knows only too well that he can’t breathe easily until she has been safely dispatched down the aisle. And when Stilton’s hot-headedness leads Florence to call things off between them, Bertie finds the withering gaze of her affections once again directed his way!