Kenny Vs. Spenny – Season One


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Canada's odd couple of competition - best friends pitted in battle - glory for the winner and humiliation for the loser. Roommates and filmmakers Kenny and Spenny (Hotz and Rice respectively) have torqued up the old playground challenge to a whole new level of humiliation and degradation. From the physical (Who can lose the most weight?) to the psychiatric (Who is the sanest?) to the psychotic (Who can sit on a cow the longest?), Kenny vs Spenny turn the tables, cameras and just about everything else upside down in twenty-four no holds barred bouts of hilarity in the most unique offering in the "reality competition" genre. Kenny is the self proclaimed 'devious genius,' a schemer and a cheater - "I'm like the tormenting brother he never had and probably didn't want." Spenny is neurotic, stressed-out, ethical and by-the-book - "Winning one by playing fair is more satisfying than winning a thousand times by cheating."

And so the battle of GOOD vs EVIL rages on!