LA Law – Season 4 [DVD]


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The award-winning fourth season of LA Law comes to DVD for the very first time in this brand new 6 disc box set.

In this season, Arnie decides to set up his own practice, taking his loyal assistant Roxanne with him, but will it all end well? Victor struggles when his professional and personal lives collide, putting pressure on his relationship with Allison, Leyland ponders the idea of retirement and in the Emmy® Award-winning episode Blood, Sweat & Fears , a doctor is brought to trial for refusing to operate on a patient with AIDS.

The drama continues in the critically-acclaimed fourth season of LA Law.

Episode Listing:

I. The Unsterile Cuckoo II. Captain Hurt III. When Irish Eyes Are Smiling IV. The Mouse That Soared V. One Rat, One Ranger VI. Lie Down And Deliver VII. Placenta Claus Is Coming To Town VIII. The Good Human Bar IX. Noah s Bark X. The Pay s Lousy, But The Tips Are Great XI. True Brit XII. On Your Honor XIII. Whatever Happened To Hannah? XIV. Ex-Wives And Videotape XV. Blood, Sweat & Fears XVI. Bound For Glory XVII. Justice Swerved XVIII. Watts A Matter? XIX. Bang... Zoom... Zap XX. Forgive Me Father, For I Have Sued XXI. Outward Bound XXII. The Last Gasp