Law School for Everyone: Legislation and Regulation


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"A relatively recent addition to more traditional law school topics like torts and contracts, legislation and regulation have become more and more of a mainstay in some of the country's top law schools. Over the course of 12 nuanced and balanced lectures, examine a host of topics including the nature of regulation, the merits of lawmaking by legislation, the challenge of interpreting statutes, and the role of federal agencies in our legal system. Along the way, confront intriguing-and controversial-questions about the letter versus the spirit of the law, how much authority independent federal agencies should have, and when a court or the president should step in to impose their own interpretations. Also, get introductions to concepts like the intelligible principle (the standard, set by Congress, designed to guide and limit an agency's authority) and hard-look reviews (court-conducted reviews designed to focus on the substance of agency decision making). Given the increasingly prominent role of legislation and regulation in today's national discourse, it's critical for law students and everyday leaders alike to understand how these forms of law govern countless aspects of our lives--including everything from workplace safety to the speed of your internet connection. These lectures are a fascinating introduction to how we, as citizens, can make sense of the law so we can comply with it-or challenge it when necessary."