Masterworks of American Art


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Many Americans study the great artists of Europe but neglect the remarkable painters of our own national tradition. In these 24 engaging and informative lectures, you encounter the brilliant paintings of the homegrown masters who documented the birth of our nation from its colonial roots up to the brink of World War I and the birth of Modernism. As you examine this vital artistic tradition, you discover how appreciating the legacy of American art is crucial to fully understanding the story of our great nation. Your guide is Professor William Kloss, a noted scholar and art historian who has taught more than 100 courses as an independent lecturer for the Smithsonian Institution's seminar and travel program. Professor Kloss highlights the uniquely American approach to art, examining some of the greatest paintings of the tradition within the larger context of our country's history and culture. Along the way, you sample some of the finest works in the American tradition - memorable masterpieces that rival the great paintings of Europe. You view these great works as part of an ever-developing story, in which master artists capture the portrait of a nation as it grows and changes. As you savor Professor Kloss's enlightening commentary, you also enjoy a feast for the eyes, as each painting is shown in rich, full-color reproductions worthy of these great masterpieces.
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