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Motherland: A Genetic Journey is the story of three people given the opportunity, through DNA researchers, to reconnect to their African roots. With a swab of a person's cheek, their lineage can be traced back as many as 13 generations to determine the tribe of their ancestors.

Mark's search leads him from London to southern Niger to reconnect with the Kanuri tribe. Jacqueline's exploration reveals that her family comes from Jamaica. After learning her mixed-raced ancestry includes a slave owner, she visits what was once his sugar plantation. Beaula has always felt a deep affinity for Africa. Her test results lead her to the island of Bioko in Equatorial Guinea where the Bubi tribe still resides and welcomes her as a sister. For each person, the reconnection is emotional, but weighted with unanticipated cultural barriers.

Motherland explores the emotional terrain of being cut off from one's roots. By following these intense journeys of rediscovery and reconnection, the film captures a wide range of identity issues in the African Diaspora.

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