My Hero Academia: Season Two Part One [Blu-ray]


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"The hit series from studio Bones is back for more Quirk action as our young heroes go head to head in the ultimate showdown!

Class 1-A has made a name for themselves after facing The League of Villains, but an even greater challenge is about to begin. These young heroes will now fight students from other classes in the world’s biggest Quirk competition—the U.A. sports festival! Agencies are watching and pros are on the lookout for sidekicks, but the most intimidating spectator of all is All Might’s rival, Endeavor. With dreams at stake and friends turning to adversaries, Deku will give everything he’s got in his grand debut as the world’s next symbol of peace.

The Limited Edition comes in a collectible art box which includes an All Might Keychain, a 40 page artbook with tournament guide, 10 collectible cards with your favorite heroes, a UA tournament headand and 2 sports penants with the UA and MHA logos."