Patricia Barber: Modern Cool [Blu-ray]


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Dual layer Audio-only blu-ray. 2013 Grammy Winner. This album hit like a thunderbolt when first released back in 1998. This release is a high resolution, dual layer blu-ray of this miraculous album. Included are 5.1 Surround remix (24/192 kHz) by original engineer Jim Anderson and the original 2 track masters here in 24/192 kHz for the first time on disc. The 5.1 surround remix is stunning, revealing detail never before heard. The high resolution 2 track masters shed new light on the originals. This release utilizes the Pure Audio system, a new technology that allows consumers to operate the disc using the on-screen menu navigation or by remote control without a TV screen. Playable on all blu-ray players. Music only - no video.