Persona 4 the Animation: Complete Collection [Blu-ray]


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Persona 4 The Animation complete collection contains episodes 1-26. When Yu Narukami moves to Inaba to stay with his police detective uncle, he's hoping that his new life in this small town will be more peaceful than the city. Instead, strange events begin occurring that somehow link Yu to a series of murders that have been happening across town! As a mysterious TV show world attempts to get Yu and his new friends to enter a dark virtual world, they find themselves plunged into a bizarre alternate reality where they gain incredible powers and abilities. Will the skills bestowed on them solve the mysteries behind the killer? Or will their powers lead them to their ultimate doom? Discover the shocking secrets of the Velvet Room and beyond. Special Features: Person 4's Mr. Experiment; The Unlucky Ninja, Mr. Experiment; The Unlucky Gentleman, Mr. Experiment; The Unlucky Ninja, Mr. Experiment ~ Final Episode; The Unlucky Ninja, Experiment Girl; A Brief lesson on Izanagi & Izanami; Japanese promos & TV Spots; Clean Opening Animation and Clean Closing Animation