Philip Glass – Satyagraha / Davis, Goeke, Harster, Danninger


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This luminous, visionary opera tells the story of how Mahatma Gandhi developed the philosophy of satyagraha, nonviolent active resistance, as a political revolutionary tool to fight oppression, connecting his lifework to three historical figures who advanced his philosophy: the celebrated Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, the great Indian poet and philosopher Rabindranath Tagore and the heroic American civil rights leader Martin Luther King. The libretto is comprised of passages from "The Bhagavad-Gita," India's greatest philosophical epic, and perfectly complements Glass' ravishing score, mysteriously transporting the audience with a serene power and an all-encompassing sense of peace. Recorded live from the Wurttembergishches Staatstheater Stuttgart, Grosses Haus. 148 minutes. Cast:

Leo Goeke: Ghandi I
Ralf Harster: Ghandi II
Helmut Danninger: Ghandi III
Inga Nielsen: Schlesen, Ghandi's secretary
Elke Estlinbaum: Kasturbai, Ghandi's wife
Wolfgang Probst: Kallenbach I, European aide
Kimmo Lappalainen: Kallenbach II, European aide
Daniel Bonilla: Parsi Rustonji, Indian aide
Melinda Liebermann: Naidoo, Indian aide
Dennis Russell Davis: conductor
Achin Freyer: sets and costumes