Rosario + Vampire Blu-ray Box [3 Disc Blu-Ray]


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Blu-ray box set release from anime series "Rosario + Vampire" featuring deleted sexy scenes. Directed by Takayuki Inagaki (School Rumble). Characters are designed by Mariko Fujita (Strawberry Marshmallow). --The girl I love . . . Is a vampire!? After failing entrance exams for a number of high schools Tsukune Aono arrives at Yokai Gakuen. On his first day at school Tsukune falls head over heals for a peerlessly beautiful girl named Moka . . . Only to discover she's a vampire. What's stranger, it turns out Yokai Gakuen is a school for the Japanese spirits called Yokai (hey, they need to learn like everyone else!), and the school has a rule, any human who knows the truth must die. Tsukune, trembling with fear, begins his time at school! Includes 16-page practical guide book and jumbo cushion cover (Blu-ray box set only). Special Features: talk footage, creditless intro & outro, and more