Safe Conversations® Tool Box for Couples


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Change Your Relationship. Change Your Life. Join the thousands of people who have experienced the life changing and transformational power of Safe Conversations. Safe Conversations, A Tool Box for Couples will help you and your partner reconnect on a profound level and reignite the joy, passion and wonder in your relationship. It is a road map for a journey that will transform your relationship and the world as you know it. This six week course, created and presented by the best-selling authors of Getting the Love you Want and Making Marriage Simple, Dr. Harville Hendrix and Dr. Helen LaKelly Hunt, gives you the tools and strategies to feel valued, safe, and connected in all of your relationships. From the privacy of your home, you will learn how to: Co-create the relationship of your dreams Talk and connect in a whole new way Eliminate negativity in your relationship Transform conflict to connection Express frustration in a way that promotes change. Understand and be understood Experience collaboration and cooperation beyond your differences Safe Conversations, combines over thirty years of proven relationship experience and relational science for you and your partner to powerfully create the extraordinary relationship that you desire and deserve. Safe Conversations, A Tool Box for Couples includes 3 DVDs with six one hour sessions featuring expert teachings, live demonstrations and activities. These transformative sessions include: A New Way of Talking Co Creating Your Dream Relationship Understanding Your Past: The Childhood Challenge Gifting Your Relationship Caring for The Space Between The Journey to Full Aliveness Two 85 page action guidebooks that feature in-depth study, exercises and journaling include: The Zero Negativity Pledge and Tracking Calendar Your Caring Behavior Plan Daily Appreciation Practice A Relationship Competency Quiz A Guide to Design your Dream Relationship Inspire happiness around you. Safe Conversations Tool Box for Couples includes a host guide that empowers you to bring this experience to another couple or small group. These small groups ignite communities of lasting relationships. We all do better together. Purchase your Tool Box today and not only will you begin your transformational and life-changing journey, but you ll be helping others do the same. Each purchase helps fund RelationshipsFirst, a non-profit, dedicated to building a better world one relationship at a time.