Sam Alfano’s Metal Engraving Workshop (4 DVD Set)


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Sam Alfano is one of the nation's best known engravers and a certified Master Engraver by the Firearms Engravers Guild of America. He trained not only with the great Lynton McKenzie (and eventually took over Lynton's job at the famous New Orlean's Arms Co.) but also with Firmo Fracassi in Italy. In this 4 DVD set you'll learn to draw scroll, engrave scroll, engrave letters, and you'll also become an expert at sharpening your gravers. Sam synthesizes a lifetime of learning in these 4 excellent DVDs. There are over 5 hours of top-notch instruction in this set. THIS SET INCLUDES: 1) THE EXPERT'S GUIDE TO GRAVER SHARPENING: Learn to sharpen: Square gravers, 120° gravers, Flat gravers, Round gravers, Brightcut & script lettering gravers, Modified flat gravers, Liners, Italian bulino gravers Dozens of timesaving and innovative hints, tips, demonstrations, and tricks of the trade make this information-packed video a must for beginners and professional engravers alike. 2) THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO DRAWING SCROLLS FOR ENGRAVERS, JEWELERS, ARTISTS AND DESIGNERS: Watch and learn as Sam Alfano unravels the mystery of designing ornamental scrollwork. 1:20 DVD which includes chapters on basic, intermediate, and advanced scroll design, point errors, and leaf fold-overs. Learn variation in scroll elements to make your designs more interesting while achieving a proportional balance. 3) ENGRAVING SCROLLWORK - START TO FINISH: Watch & Learn. The Entire process of scrollwork engraving is clearly demonstrated in HD video. Starting with my holding fixture and then onto scribing borders and drawing and engraving the design, removing background, stippling and shading, and finally blackening the finished work. 4) LETTERING TECHNIQUES FOR HAND ENGRAVERS: Learn the art of engraved lettering. Ten chapters which include: Introduction, Engraver's script. Brightcut script, Wriggled Block Lettering, Layout, Stippled script, Ribbon Cut Monogram, Roman Lettering, Roman Variations, Leaf script.