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DVD consists of: "The Haunted Fishtank": 1. Opening Credits; 2. Ball of Confusion; 3. Yin and Yang (the flowerpot man); 4. All In My Mind; 5. The Light; 6. No New Tale to Tell; 7. Mirror People; 8. The Dog-End of A Day Gone By; 9. Motorcycle; 10. So Alive; 11. The Bubblemen Are Coming. MORE! "Love and Rockets": No Big Deal, Sweet Lover Hangover, Holy Fool, R.I.P. 20 C., interview David Lanfair (audio track). DANIEL ASH: This Love, Walk This Way, Here She Comes, Get Out of Control. DAVID J.: I'll Be Your Chauffeur. THE BUBBLEMEN: The Bubblemen Rap (audio track) Dub Rap (audio track) B-Side (audio track), The Bubblemen Comic.