The Color of Fear (Part 3)


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The Color of Fear Part Three is an intense conversation about what it is like to be gay, lesbian or transgender in this heterosexist society and the impact it has on one's sense of safety and identity. The original cast from "The Color of Fear" discuss what it is like to grapple with their own experiences and notions of gay stereotypes. They describe the complexities of being male, the fears men have of each other, and their thoughts on same-sex marriage. The personal stories and interactions shared in The Color of Fear Part Three are thought-provoking, intimate, and painful, dealing with moral issues that are still dividing and confronting us today. Not unlike the stories from the civil rights movement, they need to be heard to be believed. The Color of Fear Part Three also features a ten-year retrospective from Roberto Alamanzan and David Lee. (1995, 43 minutes/ 2005 20 minutes). A trailer for this documentary can be found online at: