The Globescope Collection Central Asia: Along the Silk Road Royalty Free Stock Footage


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Central Asia : (CEA) 80 Clips in this collection follow the route of the ancient Silk Road from Kyrgyzstan through Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan. It includes the snow-capped Tien Shen Mountains, mountain pastures, streams, livestock, petroglyphs, yurts in Kyrgyzstan and Osh in the Fergana Valley. Uzbek monuments are illustrated in the cities of Tashkent, Samarkand, Khiva, Bukhara, and Khiva. Images from Turkmenistan include the Turkmen capital of Ashgabat and the ruins of Merv, and Konye-Urgench. The collection features Central Asian mosques, medrassas, markets, landscapes, camels, deserts, irrigation agriculture, and more.CEA01 Tian Shan Mts Kyrgyzstan CEA02 Horsemen Kyrgyzstan CEA03 Dramatic rocks Kyrgyzstan CEA04 Mountain stream Kyrgyzstan CEA05 Stream &yurts Kyrgyzstan CEA06 Yurt in summer pastures CEA07 Tash Rabat caravanserai CEA08 Tash Rabat &felt rugs CEA09 River eastern Kyrgyzstan CEA10 Cattle herd Kyrgyzstan CEA11 Petroglyphs Kyrgyzstan CEA12 Grave marker Kyrgyzstan CEA13 Grave markers Kyrgyzstan CEA14 Horse pageant Kyrgyzstan CEA15 Rider Kyrgyzstan CEA16 Solomon's Throne Osh CEA17 Babura's mosque Osh CEA18 View of Osh Kyrgyzstan CEA19 Onions in Osh market CEA20 Tashkent Uzbekistan CEA21 Fountains Tashkent CEA22 Medressa Tashkent CEA23 Samarkand Uzbekistan CEA24 Timur's tomb Samarkand CEA25 The Registan Samarkand CEA26 Medressa interior Samarkand CEA27 Mosaic dome Samarkand CEA28 Women Samarkand CEA29 Displaying carpet CEA30 Inside mosque Samarkand CEA31 Bukara Uzbekistan CEA32 Walls of the Ark Bukara CEA33 Nadir Divanbegi Medressa CEA34 Mosaic Nadir Divanbegi CEA35 17th century building CEA36 Ismail Samani Mausoleum CEA37 Ancient mosque Bukara CEA38 Bolo-hauz Mosque Bukara CEA39 Covered bazaar Bukara CEA40 Walkway Bukara CEA41 Weavings for sale Bukara CEA42 Maghoka-Attar Mosque CEA43 Medressa interior Bukara CEA44 Kalon Minaret Bukara CEA45 Dome Kalon Mosque CEA46 Kalon Mosque Bukara CEA47 Emir's Palace Bukara CEA48 Walls of Khiva Uzbekistan CEA49 Dance performance Bukara CEA50 Entry gate Khiva CEA51 Kalta Minor Minaret Khiva CEA52 Mosque &Medressa Khiva CEA53 Narrow street Khiva CEA54 View through arch Khiva CEA55 Juma Mosque &Minaret CEA56 Gardens Khiva CEA57 Juma Minaret Khiva CEA58 Overview of Khiva CEA59 Juma Mosque evening Khiva CEA60 Sunset Khiva Uzbekistan CEA61 Ashgabat Turkmenistan CEA62 Official building Ashgabat CEA63 Monument Ashgabat CEA64 Carpets Tolkuchka Bazaar CEA65 Fabrics &dresses in bazaar CEA66 Traditional clay oven CEA67 Irrigation canal CEA68 Landscape Turkmenistan CEA69 Oasis garden Turkmenistan CEA70 Desert Turkmenistan CEA71 Akhal-Teke horse CEA72 Turabeg mausoleum CEA73 Konye-Urgench ruins CEA74 Shepherd on donkey CEA75 Sheep &donkey cross road CEA76 Boy &ruins at Merv CEA77 Boys &camels CEA78 Ruins at Merv 1 CEA79 Ruins at Merv 2 CEA80 Mosque at sunrise Using your Globescope Collection DVD To use the clips on a Globescope DVD-ROM you will need Quick Time on your computer. If you do not have QuickTime, you

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