The Great Courses: Outsmart Yourself: Brain-Based Strategies to a Better You


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What if you aren't as in control of your actions as you think you are? What if your subconscious is driving your decisions without your approval? Is there a way to "hack" your brain to perform better, live healthier, and break your bad habits? The brain is an amazing instrument, and neuroscientists today have more information than ever about how it works-as well as strategies for helping us live better every day. The surprising thing is just how counterintuitive some of these strategies can be. Feeling the urge to procrastinate? Do nothing for 20 minutes and you'll feel ready to get to work. Want to strengthen your athletic performance? The imagination and mental "practice" can be just as beneficial as putting on your sweats and heading to the gym. Come down with a case of the blues? Try eating some fermented foods such as yogurt or sourdough bread. Outsmart Yourself: Brain-Based Strategies to a Better You will give you insights into how your mind works and the tools you need to make lasting change. Taught by Professor Peter M. Vishton, Associate Professor of Psychology at William & Mary, these 24 exciting lectures give you a wealth of practical strategies to strengthen your creativity, improve your problem-solving, enhance your health, and generally improve your well-being. Whether we're distracted by too many tasks, being influenced by crafty marketers, or simply living in a rut of bad habits, our conscious brains aren't always guiding us toward the best actions. Fortunately, Professor Vishton offers the latest in scientific research to outsmart the subconscious.