The Great Courses: The National Geographic Guide to Landscape and Wildlife Photography


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Our world is filled with so much beauty that it demands to be photographed. The only problem: the perfect landscape or wildlife shot is hard to capture and if you don't know how to shoot what you're seeing, you're likely to let these natural wonders pass you by. In The National Geographic Guide to Landscape and Wildlife Photography, National Geographic photographers Michael Melford and Tim Laman reveal their stories and secrets about what makes for great landscape and wildlife photography. Taking you around the world from the comfort of your own home, they've created 24 visually-rich, adventure-packed lectures that lay bare the art of seeing that's essential to taking unforgettable photos of desert cliffs, penguin colonies, dramatic waterfalls, birds of paradise, and so much more. With this dynamic team's stories and lessons, you'll come away with empowering ideas and approaches the next time you find yourself with a camera in the perfect spot at the perfect time of day, or up-close-and-personal with a curious animal.