The History Channel Presents The Color of War


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An award-winning documentary filled with never-before-seen images, THE COLOR OF WAR is a spectacle of color, sights, sounds, and memories.

At its core, World War II was a black-and-white struggle between good and evil. But the everyday scenes of carnage, human resistance, and guttural warfare were much more complex. A striking assemblage of color footage and photographs from national archives and private collections, THE COLOR OF WAR delivers striking perspectives on the day-to-day experience from every imaginable angle. From the first draftees thrown into the breach to the sheer boredom between battles to the uniforms worn and the objects carried, this unparalleled collection of voices is further illuminated by letters and diaries, communiques from the battlefield and the sounds and songs of the era.

Narrated by Peter Coyote (Erin Brockovich, E.T.) the 17 programs included in THE COLOR OF WAR constitute the most extensive all-color documentary ever produced on the Second World War.
The story of World War II has been told many times, but never in full color! THE COLOR OF WAR combines color film and photos taken from government archives and private collections - much of which has never been seen by the public before - and combines these images with first-person commentary from the combatants and the photographers who documented the struggle. This set includes all seventeen epi