The Incredible Hulk: Complete Season [DVD]


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An unstoppable juggernaut of destruction is unleashed - - The Incredible Hulk - - as gamma radiation exposure seamlessly transforms research scientist Doctor Bruce Banner into his savage green-skinned alter-ego. Narrated by Stan Lee, this classic double DVD includes the complete 1980s animated series of The Incredible Hulk. Based closely on the original Marvel comics characters, these exciting new adventures boast an impressive support cast with Rick Jones, Banner's teenage ally; Betty Ross, Bruce's fiancé and scientist; her father General "Thunderbolt" Ross; and right-hand man Major Talbot. At Gamma Base, site of his first transformation, the Hulk does battle with the dreaded Doctor Octopus, the sinister Spymaster and Dr. Proto's deadly invention. Other green-skinned creations emerge including arch rival the Leader and Bruce Banner's cousin, She-Hulk, making her debut cartoon appearance.
[ NON-USA FORMAT, PAL, Reg.2 Import - United Kingdom ]