The Irregular at Magic High School Set 2 BLURAY (Eps #8-18)


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The seasons have turned to summer and the story enters the next chapter. The National Magic High School Goodwill Magic Game Convention (a.k.a. the "Nine Schools Competition") is just around the corner. The young elites of all the nation's magic high schools are ready to demonstrate their skills in the name of their pride. Miyuki, a Course 1 student, is chosen as one of the representative athletes to compete for First High School's prestige. Tatsuya, being a Course 2 student, knew better than anyone else that he would have no involvement in such an esteemed event as the "Nine Schools Competition." However, to everyone's surprise, he is actually nominated to represent First High School as the team's engineer. It is unprecedented for a Course 2 student to compete in the tournament, and naturally the whole school is thrown into an uproar. Students of First High School are all ready for their third consecutive victory, while the other magic high schools are not about to easily hand it over. With the students' various expectations, the battle between the young magicians will soon begin... Contains episodes 8-18 plus a special booklet and collectible pin-ups, all in a box illustrated by character designer Kana Ishida. Special Features: Get to Know Magic Studies! Shorts #4-5, Textless Opening 2, Textless Ending 1. Spoken Languages: Japanese, English subtitles.