The Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being (Great Courses) (Teaching Company) Course No. 9303


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29 Lectures 1 Why Mindfulness Matters 2 Our Troublesome Brains 3 Informal, Formal, and Intensive Practices 4 Who Am I - The Perils of Self 5 Mindfulness or Psychotherapy 6 Attention and Empathy in Relationships 7 The Science of Compassion and Self-Compassion 8 Tailoring Practices to Fit Changing Needs 9 Modifying Our Brain Function and Structure 10 Solitude - An Antidote to Loneliness 11 Connecting with Children and Adolescents 12 Seeing Sadness and Depression in a New Light 13 Befriending Fear, Worry, and Anxiety 14 Transforming Chronic Pain 15 Placebos, Illness, and the Power of Belief 16 Interrupting Addiction and Troublesome Habits 17 Overcoming Traumas Large and Small 18 Groundbreaking Mindfulness Programs 19 The Neurobiology of Self-Preoccupation 20 Growing Up Is Not Easy - Facing Impermanence 21 Toward a Science of Wisdom 22 The Promise of Enlightenment 23 Mindful Ethics as a Path to Freedom 24 The New Science of Happiness 25 Bonus Meditation - Breath Awareness Practice 26 Bonus Meditation - Loving-Kindness Practice 27 Bonus Meditation - Mountain Meditation 28 Bonus Meditation - Breathing Together 29 Bonus Meditation - Stepping into Fear