Tony Cecchine’s American Catch Wrestling Series Volumes 1-31: THE COMPLETE HOOKING INSTRUCTIONAL SERIES


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Want to learn catch wrestling the way it was meant to be learned? Here's your chance! Tony Cecchine's American Catch Wrestling Hooking Instructional series is now available in its entirety -- 31 information-filled volumes on 27 DVDs and 14 CDs -- the most comprehensive collection on catch wrestling ever put on video and audio. The truth is, American catch wrestling is about more than just submission grappling. To be a great catch wrestler, you need to excel on your feet, both as a striker and a wrestler. You need to know take downs and take down defense. You need to condition your body to resist submissions and to heighten the explosiveness and dynamism of the hooking arsenal. You need to get stronger physically and mentally and improve your cardio in order to grind down your opponent and keep proper position. You need to learn ripping and body manipulation. You need to learn how to jones, where to use it, and why to use it in a particular situation with a particular submission chain in mind. You need be able to visualize the frames that index a particular hook so that you can launch into submissions from any position of control. You need to know how to counter the submission holds from other disciplines, and to avoid the common mistakes that weaken certain submission holds and allow for easy counters. All of that, and much more, is covered in the Complete American Catch Wrestling series from Tony Cecchine -- a man who the late great Lou Thesz named as one of the last true living masters of hooking. Titles include: The Lost Art of Hooking; Double Trouble; The Wristlock Seminar; Taking it to the Feet; The Catch Wrestling Seminar; Taking it Lightly; The Routine; The Lucky 13 + The Lucky 13 Primer; The Circuit Breaker; Worth the Weight; RIP: Ripping Induced Pain; Show vs. Go; Submission Resistance; Wristful Thinking 1 and 2; the CD-Rom Seminar; and custom audio CDs featuring tips, tricks, and supplemental aids.