Trade Show Selling Skills Workshop


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When you have to have top performance from your exhibit staff, show them this DVD. Matthew Hill, president of The Hill Group, leads you through a fun, informative and memorable training session in the Trade Show Selling Skills Training on DVD. It cleverly teaches you to (1) question and qualify visitor quickly, (2) dismiss unqualified visitors politely and professionally, (3) focus demonstrations on the visitor's area of interest, (4) add visitors to ongoing conversations so they do not have to wait, and (5) generate complete, useful leads. (And have a lot more fun doing it.) Qualified lead generation will increase, on average, 200%. In the Trade Show Selling Skills DVD, Matthew Hill demonstrates common mistakes made by exhibit staff, and teaches proven techniques for correcting them. The Trade Show Selling Skills DVD makes use of clever visual aides that spark a humorous response from the audience that helps them to remember the skills that have been presented.