World Wrestling Organization, Vol. 2


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Welcome to the spectacular world of the World Wrestling Organization (W.W.O.). Where WWO has dominated it's competition. WWO is celebrating it's 12th anniversary of successfully promoting Professional Mexican Wrestling. The WWO has grown dramatically since it's inception in 1993. WWO has arrived to revolutionize the spectacular world of Lucha Libre, WWO counts with a wide variety of wrestlers from around the world, such as: Hijo del Santo, Tito Santana, Rey Misterio, Rey Misterio Jr., Warlord, Dos Caras, Canek, Mil Mascaras, Tinieblas, Evil Clown, Warlock, Scarecrow, Wild Samoans, Fishman, Lizmark, Medico Asesino, Rayo de Jalisco, Fobia, Psicosis, La Parka, Konan, Damian 666, Prophecy, Hayabusa, Onita Jr., Mascara Sagrada, Rayo de Jalisco Jr., Blue Panther, Fuerza Guerrera and Halloween.